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Turmeric Latte Mix 125 Serves 8.82oz Glass Jar

Turmeric Latte Mix 125 Serves 8.82oz Glass Jar

Turmeric Latte Mix

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125 Servings per pack.

Blend As kids, we grew up drinking turmeric milk not really understanding why, but mum always knows best! Now, our Turmeric Latte Mix at Nature's Harvest is packed with a deliciously unique blend of seven invigorating spices. Even our mums agree it tastes great, served hot or iced.

Directions Stir in a 1/2 teaspoon of Turmeric Latte Mix into 12oz of your favourite hot or cold beverage, like non dairy milks, coffee, juice, smoothies or hot water.

Ingredients: organic turmeric, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic ginger, whole ground vanilla (natural and spray free), organic cardamom, organic chili, organic black pepper

Quality Assured Tested by independent Lab - Heavy Metals, Microbiology, Aflatoxins, Gluten Free

A Whole Lotta Goodness™ For every pack or jar purchased, Nature’s Harvest donates to Magic Moments Foundation. The most powerful gift for future generations is the gift of high self worth, confidence and vibrant emotional health from within. 

Find out more about the ingredients here.

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Top Shelf Latte

Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this. I call this my “Mary Poppins” latte mix because it is “practically perfect in everyway”!! It is spicy and that is what makes it all the better. Oh yes, and organic too! Love it, love it love it! Please never change the recipe. :) :)

United States United States
Love it!

I received a sample at the Western Foodservice Expo in Los Angeles. My husband and I tried it at home and LOVED it! Now, I am introducing the Turmeric Latte as our new specialty beverage at work. I've been giving away free lattes and people love the taste and the spiciness.

United States United States
very good

I like this latte mix very much. It has a nice taste and you can make it stronger by adding a bit more. It is a good substitute for coffee if you put it into a plant based milk.

Jason C.
United States United States
This stuff is amazing!

I tried a turmeric latte at Whole Foods a few months ago and was like “whoa, this stuff is amazing!” I asked the lady who made my coffee what it was and she showed me the bottle. So I took note and went bought some online to make at home. This stuff tastes so good & I love the kick it has too. I drink it all the time now since the bottle lasts forever. Thanks for making such a great latte mix. It’s my new favorite way to make coffee.

Chelsea H.
United States United States
Such an amazing mix

We fell in love with this mix at coffee fest a few years ago and made such a great connection. So thankful for the tester products they send, the flexibility, and the promptness of response. We love this turmeric mix!!