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By far the best turmeric latte mix on the market. The subtle hint of chili and black pepper adds a surprising bit of heat to this already comforting drink. I've tried making my own mix but nothing has come close to the taste of this easy and accessible mix. I highly recommend the mix not just from a taste perspective, but also from a health and wellness standpoint as well. Five stars from me!

Hannah C.

First of all, I’m so happy this product is finally available in the States! I’ve used Turmeric Latte mix religiously in my protein shakes for the last few years. This new Shroom Magic is a total game changer. I still enjoy it in my shakes, but I also love adding a few pinches to my morning coffee. If you like Turmeric Latte Mix, you have to try this. If you haven’t, now’s the time! Treat yourself!

Felice F.

I really like this product, a lot! And have been adding it to coffee along with some coconut sugar and sometimes a bit of hot cocoa (chocolate shavings) .
The funny thing is, it contains mushrooms ....I don't even like mushrooms. I don't eat mushrooms. But, I love this drink! Go figure! Wowie.......
The flavors are like a chef made coffee drink, so elevated! Yum!

E. B.


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For every pack of Turmeric Latte Mix and Shroom Magic Mix sold, Nature’s Harvest donates to Magic Moments.
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