Team Goodness

We believe in gracious collaboration, which means the connection of our purpose with amazing people. That includes the team members within our company as well as the people, businesses and organizations we work with so together we can all go further and leave a positive impact on the planet!

"Alone I will get there quicker, together we will go further" -African Proverb

Meet the Team

Hament & Sonal


Hament was born in Africa. He was fascinated by nature, climbing trees, finding kittens or watching the toucans land on their giant avocado tree in Zambia! After spending the next 3 decades growing up in London, running multiple pharmacies he chose to leave all that behind and travel way down under with their children to the land of Oz, Western Australia to be precise. Sonal was born in England and met Hament when he was 24 and she was 20. A week later they were engaged to be married. Over 25 years together and still so in love. There is a power in love. They've fallen in love again but this time its not only with each other but life itself and their purpose to leave a positive legacy for youth around the world. " We have 3 mantras, Never Ever Give Up, Everything Happens For The Good & A Grateful Heart Is A Magnet For Miracles. We believe life is a miracle just eat an apple, plant the seed and watch it grow into a beautiful apple tree which blossoms flowers, grows even more apples and the cycle continues. The apple tree always gives and gives with out discriminating or holding back or denying anyone of its apples, like the sun it shines on everyone. We see that seed of kindness within all of us. Come join us on our Crazy Good Journey!

  • Taylor



    Taylor met Hament and Sonal right after graduating college with her degree in Nutrition. She worked in their café and adored being in the kitchen creating health-fueling, delicious recipes like beetroot brownies and Grandma's cookie bars (a Slovak family recipe with a healthy twist!). She believes in finding balance in life and wants to help people feel as good as they can for as long as they can, which can look different for every individual. She has an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine, Bachelor of Science in Physiology, and over 10 years of experience in the health industry. Her hobbies include recipe creating, running, reading, and spending time with her puppy named Goose! One of her goals is to run an ultramarathon.

  • Leyzel



    One of the first things Leyzel said to the founder during her interview was don't worry Hament I will take care of everything! In her always happy upbeat personality Leyzel, the supermum and qualified accountant, has been the when its dark look for stars team member. Leyzel enjoys learning new things, giving advice, gardening and cooking for the family.



    DIRECTOR OF MAGIC MOMENTS FOUNDATION & KINDEST PERSON WE KNOW! - Sharon is the driving force in Magic Moments Youth Development Programs. Passionate is an understatement for how Sharon feels about helping young people to realize their true potential and to be the best possible person they can be. She joined the Magic Moments Board in 2007 as our Youth Program Coordinator and is responsible for the fantastic program we have operating today. She is a qualified and experienced trainer. As well as working in the training field, she mentors secondary school students who need a little assistance to find their way. As well as doing all this she finds time to run her own small business in retail and is supported by her wonderful husband.