How to get more out of your morning…

How to get more out of your morning…

I don’t know about you, but this week has already felt SO LONG!
Sometimes it is just like that, right? Stress, not enough sleep, too much to do and not enough time…
Now is a GREAT time to re-center, re-focus our energy, and prioritize our mornings so we don’t feel zapped by the end of the day!

Right when you wake up, a great thing to do is drink water. It’s a simple yet important habit to form to feel awake and fuel your body! Your whole body depends on water to function properly, and it is vital to drink plenty of water throughout the day for healthy skin, healthy metabolism, healthy digestion, and so much more, so let’s kick off the day with the practice and intention of feeding our bodies the nutrients they need. Which leads us to…

#2: FUEL
Often energy in the morning is associated with a steaming cup of coffee (or a chilly iced coffee for my cold brew friends). And while coffee can be enjoyed for the taste and sensations it brings us, it really should not be relied upon for our morning get-up-and-go fuel. Why? I like to think of caffeine as getting energy on a credit card; you are going to have to pay back your debt at some point (and it is usually the afternoon slump when you want to fall asleep at your desk).

Which is why consuming things with the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our body needs is a far better approach to sustainable energy throughout the day! My favorite morning beverages: Turmeric Latte Mix Mango banana smoothie and Shroom Magic Mix with a splash of milk. Anti-inflammatory goodness, vitamins and nutrients my body craves, functional mushrooms for focus and mental clarity, spices for digestion support… Try these every morning for a week and see how much energy you have compared to just coffee!

Smoothie Recipe:

•1 banana

•1/2 cup frozen mango

•~1 cup alt milk (soy, almond or oat!)

•1 scoop vanilla plant-based protein powder

•1 tbsp peanut butter

•1/2 tsp Turmeric Latte Mix

How we think affects how we feel, so starting the day with thoughts of “oh my gosh I’m so tired… this week feels never-ending… I can’t take ___ happening at work today…” is kind of manifesting exhaustion for the rest of the day. Of course meditation isn’t a cure-all for exhaustion, but it sure does help re-center emotions, clear negative thoughts and wake up my brain to the possibilities of a beautiful day ahead!

Check out this 3 minute guided moving meditation that combines movement with affirmations to shake up your morning and step out into the world on a positive note!

Wishing you a positive, beautiful week ahead… you got this!