Is Reishi Good For Sleep?

Good sleep is vital for good, healthy energy levels.

So often I find myself looking for things that will boost my energy levels throughout the day (can you relate?) when really I should be coming back to the basics and looking at how I am sleeping.

Sleep can be affected by numerous factors: stress, caffeine, overstimulation too close to bedtime, lack of exercise, noise, light, pets... yes, I love my dog deeply but her kicking does have a tendency to wake me up.

There are things in my control and things out of my control when it comes to sleep hygiene (ie the steps I take to prepare for sleep and what I do to create an ideal sleeping environment), so I try my best to invest in the things that are within my control so I can improve my sleep quality and feel more energized throughout the day.

Things I try and do every day/ night to set myself up for quality sleep:

• No caffeine after 1PM. This includes coffee, caffeinated tea, and any other caffeinated items.

• Have AT LEAST 30 minutes of no screen time before bed. This is for both quieting the mind and decreasing the light I expose myself to leading up to sleep. I've been opting for some light stretching, calm music, simple meditations, and reading for pre-sleep activities.

• Drink Shroom Magic Mix every day. Shroom Magic Mix's 5 mushroom blend is incredible for so many reasons, but I wanted to highlight Reishi mushroom specifically.

So let's talk about Reishi...

Studies have shown that compounds found in Reishi mushroom play important roles in sleep-wake regulation and improving the quality of sleep [1] . There are also beta-sitosterols and related fatty acids that have anti-anxiety effects [1].

Research has found that individuals supplementing with Reishi powder report improved physical well-being and significantly reduced fatigue [2,3].

Reishi mushroom has been recognized as a medicinal mushroom for over 2000 years and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, attributed therapeutic properties include replenishing Qi, easing the mind, relieving insomnia and enhancing vital energy [4].

I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my sleep since focusing on my sleep hygiene and consuming Shroom Magic Mix daily!

Do you have a "sleep hygiene routine"? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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