What Should I Drink Instead Of Coffee?

But what do I drink instead of coffee??

Are you looking to cut back on coffee? Maybe you feel jittery, or you feel dependent on caffeine, or it’s messing up your sleep?

Let's talk about coffee alternatives and why they may be super helpful! 

Matcha Magic Mix

It has around 1/3 of the caffeine that a cup of coffee has so you get a little kick, but the amino acid L-theanine helps slow the release of the caffeine so you don’t get that caffeine spike followed by a massive drop.

It also has Lion’s Mane mushroom for mental clarity and I would say this is THE drink to keep you focused during a long work day! Lion's Mane has been studied to enhance mental clarity, clear up brain fog, protect brain function, boost mood and promote overall wellbeing.

Shroom Magic Mix

Totally caffeine free. It also has Lion’s Mane mushroom to boost your brain function PLUS 4 other mushrooms known for energy and vitality PLUS it tastes like delicious chai!

Lion's Mane, Reishi, Turkey Tail, Chaga and Cordyceps: These mushrooms have traditionally been used to reduce stress and encourage better quality sleep. Reishi is traditionally used to reduce stress and anxiety and encourage better quality sleep PLUS support a healthy immune system. Research shows Turkey Tail feeds beneficial gut bacteria, prevents infections, regulates cholesterol, and combats stress. Chaga has properties that improve athletic performance, endurance and sustaining your daily energy levels. This antioxidant powerhouse can restore gut health and promote healthy glowing skin. Cordyceps mushrooms help give your immune system the best support and are traditionally used to improve physical performance, encourage vibrant healthy skin and fight fatigue!

Turmeric Latte Mix

Also totally caffeine free. The main ingredient is high quality turmeric which, let’s be real, turmeric has been studied to be beneficial for virtually every part of your body. It has a delicious invigorating kick that is also AMAZING in smoothies and juices!

Turmeric Latte Mix was formulated with whole body health in mind. Fighting inflammation with the naturally occurring curcumin found in turmeric is great for athletes and overall recovery from exercise, for joint and muscle pain, for stress, and there is even research being done on turmeric and prevention of degenerative brain disease!

And while turmeric gets the title spot, the 6 other spices found in this mix also host a number of health-promoting abilities. These include healthy digestion, improved circulation, increased metabolism, reducing sugar cravings, and antioxidants!

Which one are you going to try first?