The Tattoo of the Belly Button - Mother!

 *Mother, mama, grandma…! It is the sacred chant of a child for the word that stems from the unconditional love before the word was even uttered within the mother’s womb that fed and nourished our being during the creation of our bodies to house our souls. So unique, utterly divine, not even a Tesla can compare. Valuable beyond any material creation. Yet we might forget, perhaps we don’t remember the sleepless nights, their protection from harm, all fueled by love, the source of all creation.

By the time you realise and truly appreciate her, she may be gone like the wind. You can search the corners of the earth, yet you won’t find her. But her love is infinite, nothing can stop her presence in our being. Her love flows, it’s in our blood once connected, just notice the tattoo of the belly button.

In great salutation, we reveal our hearts that beat the drum of divine love. Divine mother, Mother Earth, my mother, your mother... let us stop and wake up. Switch off the phone, stop the gaming, the TV show, the illusion of razzle dazzle of life for just one minute and be present for Mataji (Sanskrit for mother, Ji is added for respect) and let her know just with your presence, the look in thy eye, the bow to touch her feet to receive her blessing, and she will know again she is beautiful, irreplaceable, appreciated, understood, loved and asked please forgive me for I was asleep in your womb of love. For all mothers in this world we bow to you. Happy Mother's DAY every day!


*Moeder, Ma, Nënë, Mëmë, Ahm, Mai, Taica, Ana, Ama, Matka, Màder, Mèder, Majka, Mäe, Madér, Mamm, Majka, Macii, Matre, Mamma, माँ के दिन, Bata, Dai, Mæ, Madai, Mák, Mare, nahan, Nanay, Nana, Mati, Majka, Matka, Mama,, Maminka, Mor, Moeder, Moer, Mére, Mother, Mama, Mom, Patrino, Panjo, Ema, Móðir, Äiti, Moeder, Mère, Maman, Emo, Emä, Kantaäiti, Äiti, Mari, Nai, Mutter, Màna, Salentino, Mána, Makuahine, Ma, Maji, Anya, Fu, יום האם,Móðir, Iloy, Nanay, Nay, Induk, Ibu, Biang, Nyokap, Máthair, Madre, Mamma, Okaasan, Haha, Madre, Amma, Daya, Uma, Mater, Mai, Maire, Moder, Mojer, Mam, Mama, Motina, Madar, Vieja, Majka, Reny, Emak, Omm, Madar, Ewe, Haakui, Ñuke, Ñuque, Aayi, `eh, Medra, mama, Mamma, Madre, Maire, Mytyr, Mädra, Madr, Maman, Mare, Matka, Mama, Mãe, Mai, Mataji, Pabo, Mama, Matu'a Vahine, Mèdra, Mèder, Mama, Maica, Mamma, Mat’, Eadni, Tina, Mama, mamai, Madre, Mamma, Majka, Amai, Matri, Mama, Matka, Máti, Madre, Mamá, Mami, Mama, Mzazi, Mzaa, Mamma, Mor, Morsa, Mueter, Amma, Mare, Anne, Ana, Valide, Eje,Mati, Ammee, Mare, Mamm’, me, Mére, Mam, Muter, Moæ