Making Mistakes Is Better Than Faking Perfection!

Making Mistakes Is Better Than Faking Perfection!

Back in 2017 we got a call from John who worked for our packaging supplier. He said, " I just noticed there's a spelling mistake on your cartons! it's says PERECT for every occasion instead of PERFECT for every occasion." This was at at time we were so financially stretched to the point that I would be looking for coins in the seat pockets to fill up petrol because all my credit cards were maxed out! At first I was angry and upset. I'm always sharing with people that life happens for us not to us but when it happened to me all that gets forgotten.At first I was looking for someone to blame and then I realised I signed the proof for the artwork. I realised I needed to take responsibility rather than blame someone else. To own what happens and take my power back.  I realised that the FEAR is really about what happens outside of us. What will other people say?, "These idiots can't even spell!" The illusion of the FEAR of failure. The FEAR of not being good enough. So I went to sleep asking a better question again and again, "HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING FOR ME? TELL ME HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING FOR ME!" 

" The greatest mistake a man can make is to be afraid of making one" Elbert Hubbard

I woke up about 4am,  I picked up my phone and messaged our designer Nik at Propeller Brands. "Hey Nik can you design a sticker that says PERFECT - Magic Moments inspires young people to believe in themselves even when they make mistakes".

What seemed to be "devastating" in that moment became a gift for others. Remember the language we use often unconsciously has a huge impact on just how bad its going to make us feel. There is the difference between using the word 'devastating' verses 'minor setback'. There is a difference in asking, 'why is this happening to me' verses 'what's the blessing in this even though I may not be seeing yet?'

It's become the PERFECT example for us to share with young people that we all make mistakes, mistakes are part of life. Trust is the key to the heart that everything is unfolding and happening for us. This is tough in times of challenges. Although in reality and putting things in perspective its not such a big deal there are worst things that can happen. We know that after the pandemic, it put life into even more perspective and created the space for many to realise the things we took for granted such as the freedom to get in a plane and see our loved ones. What if we could find a better meaning for FEAR, what if it's a reminder to Face Everything And Rise?

"Everyone makes mistakes in life, but that doesn't mean that they have to pay for them the rest of their lives. Sometimes good people make bad choices. It doesn't mean they're bad. It means their human" Unknown