THE CONSCIOUS SAMURAI: 3 Steps to Restore Balance

THE CONSCIOUS SAMURAI: 3 Steps to Restore Balance

Have you ever cut corners in areas of your life that really matter? We live in a fast paced world where everything is now, “Boom, Boom, Boom!” We are driving so fast that we can take for granted the things that really matter. 

Have you heard the story about John? John was stressed, not eating or sleeping well, watching television until late, satisfying his cravings. His relationship with his wife was ok, you know, just spending time on their phones even when they were together. He was dragging his feet into work where he built houses, not really wanting to be there.

One day, he woke up overwhelmed and went into his bosses office and handed in his notice. His boss, Melissa, was surprised. John had been with the company for 35 years. She literally begged him to stay but John had decided to leave, and nothing could change his mind. After some thought, Melissa asked John to stay to build just one more home. John was one of their most skilled carpenters. John reluctantly agreed and from that point on, he was counting the days until he could leave. He lost connection to the present moment and was  living for the thought of just escaping, thinking that was the answer. He started cutting corners at work. He even violated his own values to accept delivery of wood that was not to his usual high standard. He started to use nails instead of screws. He would increase the distance between the nails so the job would get done quicker. It was one big rush. He was willing to cut corners to expedite the elusive moment of happiness when he would finally leave work. That time came 3 months early. It would usually take John and his team at least 9 months to complete a home. On his last day, John was surprised to see Melissa show up with his family and the rest of the team. “John”, she said excitedly, “this is the key to your new home!”


“One man cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is occupied in doing wrong in another department. Life is one indivisible whole.” Mahatma Gandhi

What is the conscious samurai?In 2010 my sister arrived with a gift for me. It was a samurai sudoku puzzle, 5 sudokus in one!


Sudoku Puzzle                                             Samurai Sudoku Puzzle

I started to complete the top left hand single puzzle. Frustrated, I realised I must start filling out all the connected puzzles to find the answers I was looking for. The more I 'tried' to complete the puzzle, the more I was pulled to deal with the other areas. It was a light bulb moment for me, so I will repeat that again. The more I 'tried' to complete the puzzle (be fulfilled) the more I was pulled to deal with (master) the other areas of my life.

I realised that all the numbers in the puzzle were connected. Sometimes we think, "when I make enough money, then I will find the perfect relationship" or "I will work hard now, pay off my debt then I will focus on my health. "

Each puzzle can unlock the wisdom for balance in our lives. But these are not mutually exclusive and one aspect of our wellbeing affects all other aspects.

There are 3 steps in the Conscious Samurai.

  1. Know where you are.

Using the Conscious Samurai template write a number between 1 and 10 of how you would rate that area of your life. There’s no need to dwell on the past, just be present and get a picture, an idea, a feeling of where you are now.

  1. Create your future.

In a resourceful state, imagine you have already arrived one year from now. You are looking back with an abundance of gratitude at how the year has been so amazing. With this gratitude in mind, write out specifically just how grateful you are looking back as if its already happened.

 Example: “ I’m so grateful for the last year, I’m thankful for my health and fitness, all the amazing nutritious food I’ve been eating which has made a difference to my deep restful sleeps and jumping out of bed to run every morning, my energy levels have skyrocketed and I’m so grateful that my confidence levels are a 10 out of 10 and my relationship with my husband is even more deep that we now have been having date night every Friday. I’m so grateful that we are sharing our weeks together over the last year which has bought us closer to the kids and given us all time to go camping and really connect as a family. I’m grateful for the one book a month I’ve been reading and finished my first year of playing the piano which has ignited my creative side and put that bounce back in my step. I’m ecstatic that I have put in all the hard work at work to really add value to the team and pay attention to their needs, we’ve exceeded our sales target and allowed me to pay off all the credit card debt and have over $7000 saved up as we move into another year ahead. My inner confidence, zest for life and able to dream again to create this compelling year is president in knowing that I am worth it and thoughts become things and anything is possible.”

  1. Why? Seven Levels Deep.

One year from now, you’ve arrived. The question is, why? Why have you arrived? The exercise is simply asking the same question 7 times, however, each time we go from being in our head to connecting within our heart. Every time we’ve done this exercise in a group or a partner or just by ourselves, the shift within ourselves has been powerful. It will reignite and fuel your journey to arrive where you choose instead of sitting down in the trials of adversity. The video will guide you through the process.

The key to change is to get started. Trust is the key to the heart and the most important relationship is the relationship with yourself. By looking at the numbers, find which would be your top 3 areas you know you must focus on to create the biggest change. 

You may have heard Taylor Bouknight say, “Body is the best place to get started”. Body = Energy. Energy and Vitality is the commodity of a rich life. What happens if your relationship is in serious trouble? Your partner has filed for divorce, your life seems like a failure, your kids are hurting and there seems no point! It’s so important to ensure that we first look after ourselves and when we take just a little step, like switching alcohol for water or coffee for a fresh pressed juice, it might just start to make us feel better. When we feel just that little bit better, we make that better decision and we fuel our fire to BE more resourceful for what life throws at us.

 “Life will first tickle you with a feather, then a brick, and then send a truck.”

By taking the time to stop, breath, and reflect, we can take our power back and let go of the notion that my power lies outside of me. One of the most powerful questions we can ask is, “how did I create this situation?”

 Watch the video now and get started.