Part 1 - The 5 “Constipating” Habits that hold us back in life!

Holding on to things in our lives that constipate our experiences!

Before we discover the first constipating habit, let me a share a quick story...

So I’m on a group trip in Hawaii to see manta rays. Mantas are huge graceful angels of the ocean. Their presence stops you in a meditative awe of peace and gratitude. But, something happened on the boat on the way before we arrived. I needed to go to the bathroom for a number 2 but the toilet was blocked! Now all I could think about were strategies to hold on to the uncomfortable feeling of being consciously constipated, is that even a word?

My friends started to joke that you can just do it in the wet suit in the water! It wasn’t funny when we got there as there were about 30 other boats and hundreds of tourists. Eventually when we got back on the boat, it seemed like I missed the mesmerising manta experience and I realised something: this is the same thing when we unconsciously hold on to things in our lives that constipate our experiences and contaminates the joys we could experience

I decided to do something about it. You know when the pain gets too much and we have this urgency “I can’t take it anymore!!” I decided to be the captain of my own ship and spoke up. Seeing my cries of desperation, the crew quickly decided take action when I asked for help. They said they can only unblock the toilet 1 kilometer out at sea. I waited with a confident certainty that the time to let go was near. The amazing feeling afterward was indescribable, I think everyone knows what I'm talking about. Now let's discover the first of The 5 Constipating Habits:

Number 1:  The Habit of Limiting Beliefs 

What are beliefs?

Beliefs are necessary for us to function. They are a set of principles that help us make sense of the world and understand and interpret everyday reality. A belief system is a network of beliefs that we each hold about what is, or should be, right and wrong and what is, or should be, true and false.

What are some ways that beliefs are formed?

Beliefs can be formed during childhood. For example, dad might stand on a chair and scream upon seeing a spider. It’s likely we would do the same when we see a spider. Alternatively, Mum might explain to the child that certain spiders can be dangerous and show them how to remove the spider safely and calmly, which may have a different result upon one's belief system. 

Our experiences in life also affect our beliefs. For example, if a person we know and trust steals money from us, we could form a belief that people cannot be trusted with money or money is the root of all evil. Remember, it's more often the meaning we give the experience rather than the experience itself.

Our beliefs are not always true!

Action steps

Watch this video:

Self Reflection Questions

Think about how our beliefs impact different areas of our life:

Body: Eat, sleep, play, hydrate, breath, visualise

Heart: Relationship with yourself, relationship with others

Spirit: Your love for life 

Mind: Your mental health 

Flow: A career where you love doing what you do and can be financially happy

Q1. What are some positive beliefs that I hold that have made me successful in different areas of my life?


I take action on things.

I am a quick learner.

I never give up.

If I put my mind to something I can achieve it.

Q2. What are some limiting beliefs that I hold that have held me back in life?


I’m not good enough.

I don’t have enough education.

I am unattractive.

I could never earn more than $X .

Bad luck runs in my family.

I don’t have the time.

Q3. What will it cost me if hold on to these limiting beliefs?


It will cost me my dreams coming true.

I will keep wasting time thinking about it rather than ever doing it.

It will cost me my relationship with my kids and my husband / wife.

Q4. Whats are some new empowering beliefs that I choose to embrace instead?

I can do it.

Never ever give up.

Things happen for a reason.

A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles.

When you have challenges it makes you grow and bring out a part of you that you thought you never had.


THE CONSCIOUS SAMURAI: 3 Steps to Restore Balance



So, when you expect something to happen, you can always find evidence to support what you believe…right or wrong.

Negative/ limiting beliefs can hold us back and prevent us moving forward. 

Create new empowering beliefs that empower you towards a healthier mindset that serves you and others in a positive manner. 

In part 2, you will discover the 2nd Constipating Habit related to limiting beliefs that can literally stop us from taking any action. Can you guess what is?

Remember to seek the advice of a qualified health physician to support you.